A software-based solution for prominent video streaming experience



Video streaming users suffer from issues

Poor Visual Quality


Frequent Quality Changes


Video streaming content providers suffer from issues

Low User Experience

High User's Bailout

Revenue Loss

Lucrative Market

Atlastream Solution

A software based company that develops a video streaming solution which allows using multiple servers/CDNs in parallel for prominent video streaming experience.

New Queuing theory based video quality selection.

Handling multiple streaming servers in parallel.

Use existing video codecs, DRMs, and delivery standard (DASH).

Avoid streaming server bottleneck.

Works on every device without any cost.

Highest video quality brings more customers and revenue.


Satisfied Users Do not Bail

For Users

Up to 50% higher quality

Less Rebuffering

Minimal quality fluctuation

For Content Providers

Maximum Server Utilization

Zero Additional Cost

Saving Manpower


NUS invests $1.5m in 15 deep-tech start-ups
"The 15 start-ups selected for funding have all shown strong market and business potential. We are pleased to give them a big push in their start-up journey and, in turn, accelerate the transfer of these innovations to the market, both locally and globally."

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Trial Plan

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  • 10k Impressions

  • Full Access for Testing

Silver plan

$250/ month

  • 800k Impressions

  • Full Access and Full Features

Gold plan

$- Custom Pricing

  • Universal Solution

  • 24/7 Support

Our Team

Abdelhak Bentaleb

Co-Founder, Atlastream

Dr. Roger Zimmermann

Technology Advisor

Teck Moh Phey

Business Advisor

Praveen Kumar Yadav

Co-Founder, Atlastream

Dr. Wei Tsang Ooi

Technology Advisor

Amir Nivy

Business Advisor

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